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Chili Bar Slate is the premier provider of stunning black slate and other decorative rock

The Chili Bar Slate Mine, located in the Motherlode Gold Country just outside Sacramento, supplies much of the Western United States with:

In addition, our mine produces other decorative rock and slate in neutral hues. We regularly ship our famous El Dorado County Black Slate to Sacramento, Reno, the San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles, and wherever is needed.

Our mine is located in the Gold Country east of Sacramento, on the South Fork of the American River in beautiful El Dorado County. It is an area with rich history and one that is coveted by outdoor enthusiasts because of an exceptional and world famous river rapid run that starts just below our operation.

Why Black Slate?

The black slate from this region is unique because of its rich dark color. It makes for a striking addition to landscape design, home design, and commercial architecture. This versatile rock has been popular in construction and design for centuries. It is most common to see it converted into an eye-catching pathway, walkway, or floor in a modern design. In Europe, slate is a popular roofing material because of its longevity and low water absorption.

Black slate is emerging as a preferred material for counter tops and floor tiles because it is economical, long lasting, and non-reactive. A hot pan placed on slate will do no damage to the counter.

Our Products

Chili Bar Slate Mine provides a broad range of sizes, hues, and decorative slate products to meet the needs of homeowners and contractors. Slate chips are the ideal decorative rock and ground cover for flowerbeds. Bold, beautiful black slate chips from Chili Bar gives a distinct look to your landscaping project or  garden. Due to slated flat nature, it provides  approximately 30% greater ground coverage than typical decorative rock. Slate flagstone is well suited to floors, pathways, retaining walls, planters, and much more. Boulders are great for those who are interested in buying decorative slate in bulk or need an extra-large decorative rock to bring a landscape together.

By working directly with Chili Bar Slate, you will enjoy the benefits of direct pricing, personalized service, and access to customized sizes. We will arrange pickup or delivery direct from the mine.

To learn more, visit the products page or feel free to contact us. We are available to answer questions and provide estimates. Our team looks forward to assisting you with your black slate and decorative rock needs.

Please call (530) 622-3325 for more information, to request an estimate, or arrange pickup or delivery