Chili Bar Flagstone

Natural black slate Flagstone is an excellent way to transform the look of a landscape or building project. These large stones are typically thin and wide, and come in a range of pleasing natural and black hues. Black slate flagstone from California is popular for its stunning modern look.

Limited Stock Alert

Chili Bar Flagstone is in high demand and stock is limited. Please contact us to place an order.

Chili Bar Flagstone

18+ inches wide, 1-2 inches thick. Comes in a variety of natural and black hues. Naturally shaped and sized. Contact us to discuss your preferences for decorative slate flagstone – we have options beyond what is shown on our website and stock varies.

About Flagstone

Slate is a durable stone made from layers of sediment. One advantage to using natural California black slate is that it is pH neutral, so it will not change the acidity of the soil. In addition, it does not absorb much water, so it will look incredible for a very long time.


Our Flagstone decorative slate is irregular in shape, which provides landscaping projects with a rugged, natural look. Planter boxes and retaining walls are also another popular application for this decorative slate option. Black slate flagstone is much larger than slate chips or pavers, which is why it is a favorite decorative rock for stepping-stones, landscaped staircases, and wide pathways or paved driveways.

Artisan Projects

Flagstone’s larger size makes it preferential for craftsmen who prefer to cut their own pieces unique designs on floors, countertops, patios, and much more. In reality, the potential for flagstone decorative rocks is endless!

Made in the USA

Our black slate is chiseled by hand here in the United States, unlike much of the slate found in building supply stores – which comes from Brazil and other parts of the world. As with all of our slate products, we mine flagstone directly from our black slate mine in the Gold country east of Sacramento, California. It is then meticulously crafted on-site into individual flagstones. We are one of the few sources of black slate in the Western U.S. and take great pride in delivering decorative slate to Sacramento, Reno, The San Francisco Bay area, Los Angeles and far beyond.

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